Friday, June 26, 2009

Back home from Raw Union in Oregon

Wow, what a great time.I went down to Central Point Oregon Friday eve June 19 until Monday am June 22ND ,but have been real busy since coming home.My hubby stayed home and stayed busy here around the house.It was a nice getaway and I woulds do it again in a heartbeat,get away as a girl get-a-way.

We all have our own stories,but got to meat Beth(Bunny) Berry,Penni Shelton,Kim,Eileen,and local Seattle people that I already knew.This is Bunny and I .This is a good photo of the 2 of us that I had to share.
As for the week that I am now home,alot of things are happening that I will keep private at this time~.
Now as for the news~!I am blown away as to yesterday June 25Th~Thursday Farrah Fawcett lost the battle with anal Cancer.It was a 3 year ordeal for her.That was 9:30 am West coast time ,and then 3:30 pm or so West Coast time Michale Jackson died.First off I am Michael's age Michael ,Donny Osmond both were in teen magazines when I was 12-13 years old.Its not surprising with his crazy life he had.We haven't heard of the autopsy yet on Michael Jackson.So lets see where this story goes.Either way what a shame.