Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ok I am back to my YMCA 4-5 times a week and I feel great.Of course the endorfines are flowing and all of us can get the seratonin levels up once we put it in our mind to just do it ,we will all feel the good we can do for our bodies.I love jogging for 1 hour with walking combined.I am paying more attention to what I eat and then jog a few hours later.There are some days I am so energized its incredible.This is why I am now journaling every day several times a day.I also have been slowly but surely working on a vision board,but its not finished.Once it is finished I will share with everyone here on my blog.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back having fun....At That GYM!

Well,after a sick granddaughter with an almost 103 temp last week and her father(our son) and myself all had flu like symptoms last week and a half ago.It was not fun to say the least. Let me say I have been more sickly since taking on the granddaughter 4 days a week in a row. The other days shes at the other grandmas house and the environment is nasty.Sorry but true.

I did daycare for 18 years and stopped because I wanted more me time in 2001 and I have been with no illness in the year 2001 until now 2010.Well maybe a few colds I kid you not.

That being said I am SO glad to be back to the YMCA.I am also participating in the C25K and I down loaded week 1 podcast to jog/run/walk to.Its a great feeling to be back with arm and leg work for about 20 minutes,then I head upstairs and either do the treadmill or elliptical for 1 hour . However the c25k is only 1/2 hour this first week,so when the podcast ended I still did a walk slow jog from only 3.8-4.00 speed today. After 1 hour I then use another kind of cross trainer machine that burns on an average of 9-10 calories per minute.Today I worked out from 12:40 pm-2:15 pm and burned 520 calories.I am happy with that. But because I was missing about 2 weeks from the gym I am at a slower speed on the treadmill when I am jogging.

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is one of the potlucks that I attend.This particular potluck happen to be all woman but only 10 of us came.It was in a smaller town near me outside of Seattle.Unfortunatly these folks don't get together for some reason.I have met with some folks closer to were I live ,and we meet to chat but haven't done any potlucks.I have to head North to Seattle or North east to Bellevue or Redmond, Washington to have a great time with great raw food folks.
I took the cookies up front made with almond pulp and topped with strawberries ,yummy good too.I love the potlucks .Its always fun to see what others whip up.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our 11 Week Initiative Starts TODAY!~With Dr Oz help info too as the weeks go

For the NON Raw FOODIES or people wanting to slowly trade off cooked foods.Dr Oz actually was promoting the raw food Eating on his Thursday January 7th 2010 show!!!

Transition During the first week, you’ll detox off red meat, eliminate sugars and white flours and start eating your vegetables raw. Instead of white pastas, eat whole wheat, substitute grilled chicken for red meat, swap out sugary desserts for fruits and replace cooked vegetables with raw ones.

On a raw food diet, you should only be consuming unprocessed, preferably organic whole foods such as:

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Dried fruit
Unprocessed organic or natural foods
Freshly juiced fruit and vegetables
Purified water
Young coconut milk
Week 1 Tip: The kitchen closes at 7pm (or 3 hours before bed!)

week you’ll eliminate meat, poultry, eggs and dairy; to compensate, add lots of vegetables and fruit smoothies to supplement nutrients. Try interesting combinations of fruits and vegetables like a banana spinach smoothie – high in potassium, folate, vitamins K and A, and magnesium.

Week 3 ~Go NUTS!

During the third week of your detox, add nuts and seeds as a staple of your diet. You can substitute some dairy items with those derived from nuts, like raw almond milk. When snacking on nuts, soak them in water first to wake up their natural enzymes. An excellent lunch on the go is a raw veggie burger made with almonds and walnuts.

Week 4~Hasta La Pasta~Spiral zucchini and things~

Even though during week 1 you substituted white pasta with whole grain pasta, you’re now cutting out pasta altogether because it’s cooked. Try a meal consisting of shredded zucchini with veggie meatballs and raw tomato sauce. This may be the most challenging week, as you will be eating 100% raw.

I AM ALREADY raw so I don't have white nor wheat pasta.I use zucchini noodles.THIS WAS FROM THE dr Oz site.Dr Oz promoting the raw diet.How cool is that.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Way out of the loop~Getting in gear~

I just realized I have 2 e-mails that get me to this blog .I use yahoo over google.So when I add myself to another persons blog I don't think its showing what I want.It probably only makes sense to me at this point .I will have to work on this.
As for this ne 2010 year as always I am getting geared up for adding more Raw Foods and making more recipes.But I actually feel its much easier to eat simple.I am going to take the low glycemic route though.Cutting out all natural sugars as best I can.I am making more juice with 1/2 of a red pepper added and it is fantastic.I really hope to keep this blog up better too.