Monday, November 30, 2009

Dave The Trucker and juicing

Dave is such a nice man,and he comes to the Seattle area on his trucking run .Dave is usually here Sundays for sure.I always get excited to keep on juicing when I see him approximately once a month at a Seattle Raw gathering of some sort.I think he will be something big in the future.It is incredible to know him and see the weight fall off of him .He has lost over 210 lbs in 20 months or so ,and a book in the works around May 2010.I am a fan of Dave's because juicing is where its at.Juicing can be a challenge for the first 4 days.I have my most trouble the first 3 days and then the body craves the juice.We all still have to drink our water though.water is still good.Some folks have an issue with tea because the water is warm.Well when you live in a colder climate like I do you will drink tea in between your juices.Trust that.

Am ~20 oz water with 1 tabls of fresh Lemon

Veg's juice~20 oz. Cherry tomato's,cauliflower,broccoli,carrots.
No spices,simply juice and drink.


Tea and water too

Monday, November 2, 2009

2nd Juicing Day

I started my morning with lemon in 32 oz of water. I first did an enema ,cheaper then a colonic right now.I felt the need and then around 12:00 noon I made my juice of: 2 pink grapefruit ,1 orange and mint juiced,Yes, no greens. Always brush your teeth after citrus drinks ,so that the enamel on your teeth don't get messed up.

I am on a quest once again to freshen up my body and feel as cleansed and forfilling as can be.I love juicing and I can't say it enough.The more a person juices the more your get more energised and its a wonderful feeling.I have taught myself with inner talking that food will always be there.I mean the chewing kind of food.As we know it juice is food in its greatest form too I might add.

I have to step back to last night though,my hubby and I played racket ball for 1 hour,then I did the treadmill for 1 hour.I usually jog for the whole hour anywhere from 4.1-4.7 speed,but last night I only walked with very little jogging. I thought that was weird.......NO ENERGY! I think it was due to this fresh juicing day....just low on energy.Oh.I try and burn no less then 650 at the gym ,but I did do the racketball ,so I burned something there.....not much but something. I also did the PRECOR brand elliptical like ,10 calories per minute calorie burning machine ,and I did 15 minutes there. So between the treadmill and elliptical I only burned 550 calories .Then I came home a fell asleep on the couch....This is NOT LIKE ME to fall asleep after exercise.That is when I got up and made my apple drink heated on low.I don't count calories ,but like to burn no less then 650 calories per gym as I already mentioned.

The day is not over and I will make a green drink for my midday meal.~My P.M.juice was pineapple,spinach,tad ginger,3 stalks celery, 1 golden delicious apple.......Finished my 32 oz water from the am that I made and drink all day little by little.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Juicing for the next 10 days.....Nov 1st-Nov.10th 2009

It was 1 year that I started eating Raw foods. I started on Oct 27th 2008.My goals are to deeply cleanse my body, mind, and spirit and transcend to a whole, new, more vibrant level of health. Specifically, washing away toxic emotions, normalizing my weight, and strengthening my liver and all the internal organs .

I started drinking green smoothies and making more salad's incorporated juicing when I went online to Craiglist and found me a Champion Juicer ,since I heard they were a great Raw Ice Cream maker and also did decent juicing.Cost was $125.00 for me ,but new they cost about $235.00 or more.I am happy with it . I also want a new juice maker that the pulp will come out drier. If you juice you know what I am talking about. Now ,I am going to do a 10 Day juicefeast with a handful of folks . I have done 2 juicing sessions before. One was for 10 days another was 13 days. Wish me luck .I will need it. . Today Nov 1st is day 1 and so far I made a juice with Coconut water,dandelion,spinach,parsley,beet, cucumber, and Kiwi.Not a super loving taste ,but its tolorable. I am sipping it as I type this out.
I ended my first day with 3 glolden delicious apples 1 small piece of ginger juiced in my Champion,and lightly warmed and topped with cinnimon, it was like hot apple cider,but not HOT! Yummy too..