Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elaina Love: Introduction to Raw Food

This is whom I will be seeing in Redmond Washington March 1st 2009.I found this on You Tube and it was done only 2 weeks ago.I can't wait Gourmet food HOW COOL IS THAT!

Elaina Love: using nuts and seeds in raw cooking

Additional Elaina Love Raw info~Very good for the newer Raw foodie as I am at this point in my journey.I can't wait to look back and say Yes I know that.

Diannes Intro On You Tube Raw Lifestyle

My first video .I am checking out you tube :-).SORRY~but my bird is a quaker bird and very load.I will have to introduce her in a future video~Take Care and Have a GREAT DAY

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our first garden~~~SOON!!


I am very excited My husband and I are going to have our first garden.I am going to plant 3 kinds of lettuce,kale,herbs,roma tomatoes,3 kinds of squash and more.I will soon be starting the seedlings indoors,while hubby takes out the grass in order to have a thriving garden.We are soon going to bring in special soil made for gardens SO EXCITED.I will take photos as we do this.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Never did the Master Cleanse YET

I was hoping to do the Master Cleanse last week ,but decided to hold it off.I am doing pretty good on my quest to becoming more raw.I am going to this:

Signed up For March 1st Class with Elana Love in Redmond,Wa

~$89.00 in advance.I think strongly that I will do the 10 day Master Cleanse for once.Only for 10 days though!Can't wait for this class and to eat the goodies too.I need to focus on 100% juicing or this Master Cleanse Idea I want to have a clean slate to start my High Raw Journey.I have been High Raw ,but sometimes do the Vegan eating.Now this is all good,but my metabolism has been so crappy for so long,its time to concentrate on 100 % RAW!!!!
People don't like the word 100% and I do like the word High Raw better!So starting March 2ND,1 day after Elana Loves Class I will do some sort of FAST!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow I like my Raw Journey~I think I have finally got it.

Chocolate Ginger Coconut Macaroons cookies
1 3/4 dried coconut,3/4 macadamia nut(chopped fine),3/4 +2 Tab Cacao powder,3/4 C maple syrup,1/4 C+ Tab coconut oil,1 Tab. ground ginger,1 1/4 Tea Vanilla extract, or 1 vanilla bean inside, and pinch of sea salt. Mix wet with dry ingredients,and dehydrate 1 day then turn over for 1 day more.Very simple ~I have a Ron Popel old round dehydrator and I never turned them over, however I started them on waxed paper then removed the paper after the 1 day.THESE ARE sweet so I would cut back on the Maple Syrup.NOW THIS is maybe NOT RAW but Vegan to some.

IMPORTANT: I was following Matthew Kenney's recipe so he is a raw food chef so whatever folks whom are not sure if Maple Syrup is raw versus being raw and natural,and it is your choice if agave is something you might try if you like.THEY were sweet but got many compliments on being devine at the potluck I took them too
I have been gone the past few days.Valentines day was a fun raw gathering at a gals place with at least 28 plus folks.The food was great as always and I took my Cacao Coconut Macaroons.These are a Matthew Kinney recipe that was a big hit especially for a Valentines treat.There was not as much chocolate made goods as I was thinking would be at the potluck.Never the less it was all good.
Due to a tad over eating RAW I felt as though I was going to start a,but I went and bought all my vegi and kale,and other yummy raw goods on Friday eve.SO I think I might start Master cleanse for only 10 days starting next Monday~we will see if thats a good day to begin.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Am at 8:15 ~Wheatgrass shot and warm water with lemon in my insulated cup.

Lunch 11:15 am~arugula,swiss chard,banana,2 kiwi,coconut, 2 dates
and water smoothie Very good too.

Monday, February 9, 2009

WheatGrass High!

Ok folks I may be crazy but I think wheatgrass has something in it like coffee has caffine to get buzzed.I have taken my wheatgrass on an empty stomach more the n a few times and my day seems awesome.I feel it in my body, arms, legs.Almost like what booze would start making you feel like when you get the buzz.Maybe its just me.Whatever.

Am 8:30 am~Wheatgrass shot and warm
water with lemon until 11:00 am

11:00am~Purple smoothie~Young coconut water 1 C.
1/2 C water
1/2 C Fresh blueberries
1 banana~
1/3 c Coconut shreaded(I used my meat yesterday for my YUMMO PAD THAI I made.

1:40~More of the same Purple Coconut smoothie.(TOOK A BREAK
FROM GREEN in my drink for once) :-)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Raw Healing

Am 8:30 am~woke to wheatgrass shot~
Up until 1:30 pm I had water and lemon only

Lunch 2:00 pm~Smoothie~banana,ginger,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Am-9:00am~Green Smoothie~ Kale,swiss chard,banana, pineapple,cucumber and ginger.

Lunch~12:30 pm~Orange,ginger,carrot,granny smith apple.
I had these same drinks a few days ago .They are tasty too

Dinner~6:00 pm~Salad with Rasperry dressing~
Handful of pecans I made with date syrup~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seborrheic Keratosis crusting up and drying and lifting

This is crazy .I have a larger mole and as of 2 days ago it is lifted drying up and a part is detached and crusty.Now I am having it checked tomorrow Wednesday.I hope all is well but if it indead is falling off as we hear the Miracle of RAW EATING can do to our bodies.I will be one impressed gal.I have had this mole for YEARS!!! SO I hope all is well with this otherwise its a MIRACLE in this situation.Truly a miracle.Two years ago I was told this mole is nothing to worry about.Now I am a tad worried.Unless the body is curing!We will soon find out!

THIS IS A PHOTO like MY skin!!!!

Am 8 am -1 pm~Just water and lemon water warmed
Wheatgrass shot

Lunch~1:30 pm ~water,celery2 dates ,2 bananas,gogi berries,hemp seeds,green apple,gingerDRINK

Dinner~6:15 pm~Avocado Soup from the Rawvolution book I added red peppers in the vitamix too.Munched on lots of vegis too.Tea ~

Dessert~Pecan nuts with date covering 2 handfuls throughout the day

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling better ~Yesterday was horrible

Ok Yesterday I was still no sniffly and stomach upset.I am sure I did it to myself eating a fattening cookie and stuff. I woke up to Warm water with lemon slice.Then I made a wheatgrass shot and waited 1 hour to eat my am drink. TODAY I AM ON THE WAY TO sticking with RAW~

Am-9:00am~Green Smoothie~ Kale,swiss chard,banana, pineapple,cucumber and ginger.

Lunch~12:30 pm~Orange,ginger,carrot,granny smith apple.

Snack~2:00 pm~GGGR Protein Smoothie
1cup water
2 bananas
2 stalks celery
2 dates pitted
1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger peeled
1 tablespoon gogi berries
1 tablespoon hemp protein powder
Blend all of the ingredients until creamy and smooth. Add some ice cubes for a chilly refresher.