Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seborrheic Keratosis crusting up and drying and lifting

This is crazy .I have a larger mole and as of 2 days ago it is lifted drying up and a part is detached and crusty.Now I am having it checked tomorrow Wednesday.I hope all is well but if it indead is falling off as we hear the Miracle of RAW EATING can do to our bodies.I will be one impressed gal.I have had this mole for YEARS!!! SO I hope all is well with this otherwise its a MIRACLE in this situation.Truly a miracle.Two years ago I was told this mole is nothing to worry about.Now I am a tad worried.Unless the body is curing!We will soon find out!

THIS IS A PHOTO like MY skin!!!!

Am 8 am -1 pm~Just water and lemon water warmed
Wheatgrass shot

Lunch~1:30 pm ~water,celery2 dates ,2 bananas,gogi berries,hemp seeds,green apple,gingerDRINK

Dinner~6:15 pm~Avocado Soup from the Rawvolution book I added red peppers in the vitamix too.Munched on lots of vegis too.Tea ~

Dessert~Pecan nuts with date covering 2 handfuls throughout the day

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