Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 3 of another Day at Juicing........

I am on Day 3 of my juicing and I am really hesitating on telling people about my day 3 as it seems I never get too far if I tell too early in my juicing quest too make it past the 10 days mark . I am here to say for me the fact that the sun starting shining here in Washington state that is -Western Washington helps me spark intense cleansing. And I do have a thing in my personality if the  sun is not shining I can be a bear. I know this about myself.
In order to help me juice I have my own garden off butter lettuce,romaine,kale and I also have basil,cilantro,dill, and these items are a start without having to go to the market as much. I do need to get a hold on keeping the bugs off the leaves ,as all I see there are some  some holes on my leaves in the garden. Not too happy about that at all so I need to work on a cure for that!
 After I got up and cleaned the house as I always do in my AM hours, I first made a lemon Spring  water 32 ounce drink. As I clean I drink my water. Then I do my enema, wait about 1 hour and start my juicing. I just can't see drinking juice first and then doing  an enema as I say  no thanks I say.

By the way Day 1 was good Day 2 was a headache day and today is energy in me. I know every day is a different feeling and I am taking my 1 day at a time I have to practice what I believe in.

my mid day juice was:
1 lg. cucumber,cilantro (handful), 4 leaves of butter lettuce,big handful spinach,small romaine,4 kale leaves, 3 lg. celery stalks, 2 limes,1/2 red pepper, 2 pear and 1 apple. Usually I don't add so many fruits but I had a feeling this might be a bitter drink if I didn't lighten the flavor and I loved the lightness this 52 ounce drank became.

My Dinner hour Juice: A VEGETABLE DRINK2 heirloom tomatoes,basil, 5 celery stalks, jalapeno,zucchini, 3 kale leaves,cilantro,parsley, mint (not a vegi) and lime.

I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 1/2 hour walked down a private long road outside where I live at that is a round trip with the outside walk of almost 3 miles and that walk takes 1.5 miles with a few sections of walking up hill.

How I feel today: I feel really clean and energized inside and out today. No worries no attitude,as I know I get some low crabby days on the juicing experience. I feel comfortable,not cold as I sometimes get all over. It is a warmer day outside too.

A part of me really needs to stay juicing ,I have tried and stopped much sooner in the past then I want to this go around. With being a part of "RawFoodRehab" and watching and hearing of other peoples  journeys, you would think I could really get over the head game inside of me .I think I have to fight the fight inside much better then I have in the past. I mean the International Day Of Juice feasting will be here in Sept 2011 here in My neck of the woods~and Penni will be here. Can I get it together before then and I say YES!!