Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow, Colonic .Not a big Deal

I had my first appointment at the "Tummy Temple"in Seattle for a Colonic and it was a terrific experience.I will be going to another appt. in 3 weeks .I will also be having 1 more Colonic for my series of 3 Colonic's,since I am new at having Colonic's and living with a High raw lifestyle .I was so surprised.It was not embarrassing at all.They(their workers) see butt holes everyday,so its no big deal.That is why I put this book up if you didn't know it was a book!So as far as "Raw Foods"goes. I am on a "High Raw"Lifestyle, its not a diet. I started raw in Oct 2008.I have said it before but I started slowllyyyyyy.I first incorporated green smoothies.These were my drinks made with kale and fruits.Sometimes I used Spinach and fruits too,but kale is my favorite green.I like dinosaur kale the best but its just hard to get.So until tomorrow we have our Juicing ,smoothies AND SOME KILLER LARGE Salads for dinner.Then I bought nice well known Raw books.All listed on my blog~well some are listed.My latest book is "RAW "by Julianno from California.I eat as simple as possible,but try and commit to a nice recipe from one of my many books that I own!
I want to share with everyone my favorite place to get things cheaper MOST ALWAYS over AMAZON where I know most folks shop .Check out! Terrific prices for this economy we are in at the moment.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mark your calendar for Reversing Diabetes Action Day on April 25th 2009!If you have a loved one who is a diabetic please share this wonderful information with them. There is a natural cure for diabetes!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Blog PLEASE check it out!

Please take a look at my newer blog.I like the look of it better and I will plan on BLOGGING at least every few days.Have a Rawsome Day today and all days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

100 Day RawFu Challenge starts Today

After seeing and hearing Matt & Angela Saturday and listening to there stories(Saturday April 11th,2008),I will do all 100% RAW.I made a pledge to myself and I also told Hubby the same.I have met more an more guys and gals in my state,so it becomes enjoyable to learn from others as its a learning journey.This is my 3rd Challenge with the BUNNY group and I stay HIGH RAW NEVER junk food ,but yesterday was Easter and I ate all RAW,salad,green beans,mango/blueberry fruit salad in the PM with banana/peach icecream...Not the PROTEIN I should of taken in BUT I was proud that I didn't eat any mac or potato salad .....Thats so big for me! But the more I eat RAW I want RAW.....I will make videos maybe once a week we will see......
Now today is the real Challenge can I stay RAW and Vegan if Raw is not available.I don't live near Seattle where they have 2 RAW restaurants to go to if food isn't made at home by myself or my husband .We have NO RAW eating places where I live.I truck to Seattle often though,almost weekly. If thats what I have to do to stay on my raw path then that is what I will do.

Monday, April 13, 2009

100 Day Rawfu Challenge tomorrow!

Ok here is my latest video.I am on a roll after seeing Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes.Our Next 100 day Rawfu Challenge is tomorrow April 14th ending July 24th.I am geared to see what kind of weightloss and strength I can get with me heading back to exercise .Plus the season hopefully will be better soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This is a big test for me today.I decided to have the 2 boys ,wives and granddaughter over today.My deal is I am a RAW FOOD EATER,SO I ordered FOR THEM: Honey baked ham,roasted turkey,Hubby and I made Potato salad,Macaroni salad,Traditional green bean fried onion salad.
NOW MY MEAL:started with a carrot ,apple,lemon,ginger combo JUICE,in the Afternoon I made more juice:cucumber,orange,pineapple,dandelion,parsley,red beet,and Kiwi.WOW this is a keeper my afternoon drink....My dinner WILL BE~green salad with Tahiti dressing,green beans PLAIN,and later have my mango~blueberry,agave poppy seed fruit salad.I am trying to remember its best to eat our fruit 1 hour prior or after to any other meal......

I saw Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch yesterday Saturday April 11th ,2009 and I sat in the front row of a talk we had 2 hours each so 4 hours and 1 hour was a raw lunch we could purchase if we wanted.I am inspired more then I was already geared for.I bought 3 pamplet booklets of Angela's success and I am reading one of them now.happy Days ahead.I want this "High Raw" lifestyle and I feel it a commin....:-)