Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This is a big test for me today.I decided to have the 2 boys ,wives and granddaughter over today.My deal is I am a RAW FOOD EATER,SO I ordered FOR THEM: Honey baked ham,roasted turkey,Hubby and I made Potato salad,Macaroni salad,Traditional green bean fried onion salad.
NOW MY MEAL:started with a carrot ,apple,lemon,ginger combo JUICE,in the Afternoon I made more juice:cucumber,orange,pineapple,dandelion,parsley,red beet,and Kiwi.WOW this is a keeper my afternoon drink....My dinner WILL BE~green salad with Tahiti dressing,green beans PLAIN,and later have my mango~blueberry,agave poppy seed fruit salad.I am trying to remember its best to eat our fruit 1 hour prior or after to any other meal......

I saw Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch yesterday Saturday April 11th ,2009 and I sat in the front row of a talk we had 2 hours each so 4 hours and 1 hour was a raw lunch we could purchase if we wanted.I am inspired more then I was already geared for.I bought 3 pamplet booklets of Angela's success and I am reading one of them now.happy Days ahead.I want this "High Raw" lifestyle and I feel it a commin....:-)

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