Friday, January 30, 2009

So Far what I ate:

What I ate TODAY
Green Smoothie~9:30 am
1/2 large cucumber
1 kale leaf(good size)
1 swiss chard (good size)
1 slice pineapple
1 green apple(very small)
10 ounce water
1/2 lemon juice w/partial peel added

Lunch ~at 1:30 pm
Another Green Smoothie
1/2 cucumber
1 kale leaf(good size)
1 swiss chard ( good size)
NO PINEAPPLE like at my AM
1 green apple(very small)
10 oz water
1/2 lemon juice w/ partial peel added


2:15 pm Jicima fris
abot 12 slices only with touch olive oil
garlic powder
garlic salt

I usually eat them plain,but went with a recipe this time YUMMO!!!!

Dinner tonight 6:30 pm~going to sons house and I am taking my own food Rawvolution Matt Amsdan pg 111 Thai salad I love this one.I am taking more jicima fris too.

I have my own dessert to I made Cashew ~pecan thumb print with strawberry agave filling~

Monday, January 26, 2009

Raw food is live food, living foods consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted seeds, beans and grains that aren’t cooked. Raw food is not heated above 118ºƒ, by not heating food, all the naturally occurring vitamins, phytonutrients, water and enzymes are left intact and alive. Food heated over 118ºƒ looses approximately 50% of its protein. On average 50-80% of the vitamins, minerals, water and enzymes naturally occurring in food are destroyed when cooked.
Enzymes are the catalyst for every chemical function in your body. Vitamins, proteins and hormones can’t do their job without enzymes. Every living food naturally contains the exact amount of enzymes needed to be properly broken down and utilized. When eating cooked foods you must produce extra enzymes putting an unnecessary burden on your entire body. Eating living foods helps to reverses the aging process by providing the body with all the enzymes required to repair cellular damage and create millions of new healthy cells every day.
Raw foodists report significant improvements in their overall health, increased energy, significant weight loss, improved mental state and stronger immune system. In the book “In Defense of Food” Michael Pollan points out that “Four out of the top ten causes of death today are chronic diseases with well-established links to diet: coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.” Many people who enjoy a raw food lifestyle have been able to heal themselves of these diseases.
Eating living foods also slows down digestion so your food is properly absorbed. Proper digestion keeps blood glucose levels steady and will efficiently cut down on food cravings. Therefore, people who eat raw foods also lose weight.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Maytag Nepture bit the dust!

I had to bail the water out of my Maytag Washer machine.It is the pump.But we are not having it fixed.Way back when these machines came out as a great front loader.BOGUS.We got our machine the second year after Maytag Neptune came out.We have had the front rubber replaced cause it makes the clothes not as fresh as they should be.There was a lawsuit against Maytag and we were 1 day from getting money(from maytag law suit).Don't ask me .All we got was a new rubber seal and its still molding and I run clorox once in a while as they suggest.So enough said.Now as for eating raw.I am so happy with this lifestyle,but I have to admit I eat cooked food once in a while.No meats,fish or poultry but my downfall is chips Flax chips from Costco to be exact.I tell myself they are good cause they have flax seeds in them.I only eat 10 or so. When I have them its with salsa(I make).NOW should I feel quilty.I do but I don't let myself feel beat up over it.I just make sure I get back to green smoothies ,salad or juicing.I wonder how many others do this maybe with other food choices.Cheating on foods we know are wrong!I will be changing my blog on blogspot soon too.When I first made it I was not understanding blogging and I was eating food other then Raw.I want to dedicate my blog to strictly raw talk.I want to keep myself in line,so I will post recipes I make,ones I try and like and photos here and there.I am a fan of Wendy D. and Carmella's Sunny Raw Kitchen. Wendy's All Raw Directory, too and last but not least Bunny Berry's Blog.If it wasn't for Bunny and her daily confessions On "You Tube" where I first came across who and what she was about I wouldn't be here.It was my interest in raw and Bunnys inspiration.I know Bunny has heard this many times ,but I said it again .There you have it .Having a Great Day other then the roll I am on today! I am enjoying all the info and foods we can all make that taste awesome.My husband loves some things like my smoothies and the desserts I make.He is not a fan of any dinner choices besides salalds.Oh well he is not going raw ,but he supports me and that is what counts

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wanted to experiment with my Champion juicer.

1)Red One~cranberries (3 bags) with 4 granny smith apples,pomegranate juice(bought to cut the bitter flavor)YUMMY TOO
2)Orange one~several carrots,2 stalks celery,2 Granny smith apples,chunk o ginger
3)Green one~Kale,Celery,1 lime(juice),Cucumber,Granny smith apple,Dandelion,Wheatgrass,Spring waterWent to Goodwill~used store for the jars ~bought white lids at my grocery store

I am on a journey to get fit and healthy on the inside and the outside.I am not here to just lose weight. I am here to make a difference in myself as I take 1 day at a time.I can say I believe I started my Raw journey in October 2008.I started slow with green smoothies,then started juicing too in January 2009 (Now) about 2 weeks ago.I started with a Juice man 2 juicer then I found a Champion Juicer on Craigslist for $125.00 which I thought was a good deal.My Champion is an almond color one with 1 tiny scratch.It works that is what matters.
As for today I had my green smoothies up until the afternoon.For dinner(West coast talk)~thats Supper for you East coast folks). I will have a huge salad with raspberry vinigarette dresing.Oh, and speaking of the East Coast ,I am originally from Pennsylvania.All my relatives are there.I have been here in Washington since 1971.And I still don't like the rainy grey winters.