Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Maytag Nepture bit the dust!

I had to bail the water out of my Maytag Washer machine.It is the pump.But we are not having it fixed.Way back when these machines came out as a great front loader.BOGUS.We got our machine the second year after Maytag Neptune came out.We have had the front rubber replaced cause it makes the clothes not as fresh as they should be.There was a lawsuit against Maytag and we were 1 day from getting money(from maytag law suit).Don't ask me .All we got was a new rubber seal and its still molding and I run clorox once in a while as they suggest.So enough said.Now as for eating raw.I am so happy with this lifestyle,but I have to admit I eat cooked food once in a while.No meats,fish or poultry but my downfall is chips Flax chips from Costco to be exact.I tell myself they are good cause they have flax seeds in them.I only eat 10 or so. When I have them its with salsa(I make).NOW should I feel quilty.I do but I don't let myself feel beat up over it.I just make sure I get back to green smoothies ,salad or juicing.I wonder how many others do this maybe with other food choices.Cheating on foods we know are wrong!I will be changing my blog on blogspot soon too.When I first made it I was not understanding blogging and I was eating food other then Raw.I want to dedicate my blog to strictly raw talk.I want to keep myself in line,so I will post recipes I make,ones I try and like and photos here and there.I am a fan of Wendy D. and Carmella's Sunny Raw Kitchen. Wendy's All Raw Directory, too and last but not least Bunny Berry's Blog.If it wasn't for Bunny and her daily confessions On "You Tube" where I first came across who and what she was about I wouldn't be here.It was my interest in raw and Bunnys inspiration.I know Bunny has heard this many times ,but I said it again .There you have it .Having a Great Day other then the roll I am on today! I am enjoying all the info and foods we can all make that taste awesome.My husband loves some things like my smoothies and the desserts I make.He is not a fan of any dinner choices besides salalds.Oh well he is not going raw ,but he supports me and that is what counts

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