Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wanted to experiment with my Champion juicer.

1)Red One~cranberries (3 bags) with 4 granny smith apples,pomegranate juice(bought to cut the bitter flavor)YUMMY TOO
2)Orange one~several carrots,2 stalks celery,2 Granny smith apples,chunk o ginger
3)Green one~Kale,Celery,1 lime(juice),Cucumber,Granny smith apple,Dandelion,Wheatgrass,Spring waterWent to Goodwill~used store for the jars ~bought white lids at my grocery store

I am on a journey to get fit and healthy on the inside and the outside.I am not here to just lose weight. I am here to make a difference in myself as I take 1 day at a time.I can say I believe I started my Raw journey in October 2008.I started slow with green smoothies,then started juicing too in January 2009 (Now) about 2 weeks ago.I started with a Juice man 2 juicer then I found a Champion Juicer on Craigslist for $125.00 which I thought was a good deal.My Champion is an almond color one with 1 tiny scratch.It works that is what matters.
As for today I had my green smoothies up until the afternoon.For dinner(West coast talk)~thats Supper for you East coast folks). I will have a huge salad with raspberry vinigarette dresing.Oh, and speaking of the East Coast ,I am originally from Pennsylvania.All my relatives are there.I have been here in Washington since 1971.And I still don't like the rainy grey winters.

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