Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jay Kordich’s Mr Juiceman original

I love juicing and when I saw this video I can't get enough of watching it.The video reminds me of why juicing is so good for all of us!Delicious for the body too.I have been juicing but not all juice .I tend to drink juice all day long and at the 5-6 pm hour I eat salad or something like raw vegi salad of some kind.I want to juice for 21 days straight.I chose 21 because if I can get to 21 I probably will go for 30 days.I so badly want to do this but can't quit make it.I have done the master cleanse 2 times .You think I could do the juicing with no foods. Well I think I need to sit down and prepare what I want daily in order to make it work for me.
Now as for exercising ,I am doing great faithfully going to my YMCA 4-5 days a week no less.I actually ran a little on the treadmill.I know running burns fat and I have plenty of fat.I am talking to myself alot these days in order to attempt my juicing days with no food.I feel its kindof coning myself in a sense "Watch out" .It just might happen soon....

Am today~Beet,carrot,celery,lemon 4 oz with 1 teas.BARLEY MAX a new product I heard that is better then Vita mineral Green ..You are supposed to take it 2 times a day in beet/carrot juice or apple juice.So I need to do it 2 times today instead of the once a day that I did yesterday and the day before.I do feel it gives me energy and a satisfied tummy!After I clean I am heading to the gym by noon today~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making a kick'in warm to the tummy drink

I made some kick'in vegi drink:2 carrot ,1 celery,1/4 jalapeno,4 large tomatoes,4 cucumbers,1 small head broccoli,small hand parsley ,bunch cilantro,1 shallot 2 garlic sections.You will be warm inside.I have been sipping mine all day off and on .Its a kick in drink~

OMG Yesterday I had the worse head cold .Its a head cold no detox .Runny minute I'm cold the next I'm hot .I also have a yukky tummy its terrible.My eyes water.I am a mess right now.I am on my 3rd day of this crappy feeling ,but yesterday was awful.It was so bad I was off of the computer sleeping /resting on the couch until I had an early bath and bed at 10:30 pm. That's an early time for me.I get 8 hours every night .I go to bed at midnight Pacific time and up at 7-8 am always~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Juicing is my favorite Raw Eating :-)

Now I don't know what it is about juicing, but I am loving my combinations that I come up with.I have been on my RAW PATH since Oct 2008 ,but exercise up and beyond my every day life has been missing.What is a shame is that I belong to my local YMCA and I have been waisting money.So when I made today's video and said its expensive to juice and sometimes I'm low on money.Well I feel like a fool considering I was wasting my YMCA dues by not going since probably January of this year.I have gone a few times ,but I was going approx 3-5 days a week faithfully prior to January. I joined the YMCA in May 2008.My goal is too not overdo my exercise.Back in 2002 I had a male trainer whom I loved( at another named gym(won't say ).I told him my lower left back hurt ,but he pushed me as most trainers do,and I hurt the lumbar spine area at that time.I couldn't walk but hunched over and very slow.I had to sit up in a chair with heat on my back and take Oxycontin to deal with the pain.This lasted 10 days.So back in 2002 I got scared my back would mess me up so I stopped exercising and the 40 lbs came back.This time I started changing my eating in Oct 2007 and have lost 27 lbs and still have 40 more lbs to lose.So lets get moving shall we.....