Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jay Kordich’s Mr Juiceman original

I love juicing and when I saw this video I can't get enough of watching it.The video reminds me of why juicing is so good for all of us!Delicious for the body too.I have been juicing but not all juice .I tend to drink juice all day long and at the 5-6 pm hour I eat salad or something like raw vegi salad of some kind.I want to juice for 21 days straight.I chose 21 because if I can get to 21 I probably will go for 30 days.I so badly want to do this but can't quit make it.I have done the master cleanse 2 times .You think I could do the juicing with no foods. Well I think I need to sit down and prepare what I want daily in order to make it work for me.
Now as for exercising ,I am doing great faithfully going to my YMCA 4-5 days a week no less.I actually ran a little on the treadmill.I know running burns fat and I have plenty of fat.I am talking to myself alot these days in order to attempt my juicing days with no food.I feel its kindof coning myself in a sense "Watch out" .It just might happen soon....

Am today~Beet,carrot,celery,lemon 4 oz with 1 teas.BARLEY MAX a new product I heard that is better then Vita mineral Green ..You are supposed to take it 2 times a day in beet/carrot juice or apple juice.So I need to do it 2 times today instead of the once a day that I did yesterday and the day before.I do feel it gives me energy and a satisfied tummy!After I clean I am heading to the gym by noon today~

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