Thursday, October 28, 2010

11 th Juice Feasting Day....

Same Am Another day! Start off with warm lemon water with 2 MSM capsules.After my first green juice I take all these vitamins.....Vitamin A,B-12,B caplet,C,D,Kelp Capsules from Klameth Falls.Yep all those Vitamins.I feel real good every day and I notice a difference when I forget to take these vitamins.

Today I had........ 32 oz-Green juice of Kale,Romaine,1 beet with leaves,cucumber, jalapeno.....
32 oz- celery,cucumber,Swiss chard,spinach,apple,lemon ginger,
16 oz of balancing vegi broth
lots of water throughout my day!
20 oz of oranges,grapefruits,kale Yummy!!!

All is well in the juicing......I am getting a few more pimples on my face ,but my back the right half stopped aching.....
At night before my bath I dry brush.I am a night bather .I don't like showers,and never have.I did an enema today in my am time.......Its cooler here so tea, jalapeno,garlic and ginger is used more often.......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

9th Day of Juice feasting

Lord,oh Lord.I can't believe it has been 9 days and I am so loving the feeling of making different juices. Now don't get me wrong ,once in a while I have the want of food,but I want a full cleanse,so I focus elsewhere.

Today I started with my usual warm water with 2 MSM capsules.Vitamin A,C,D,Bee Tablet,2 kelp (from Klameth Lake,Oregon )and flax oil capsules. It is a colder day here ,so it makes juicing harder to do ,but that's not a good enough excuse to not let this feast happen.

Today I had :

48 oz kale,spinach,celery,red pepper,lemon,burdock root,apple,pear and ginger
18 oz of Vita mineral,grapefruits with Vita mineral green
32 oz Swiss chard,celery,cucumber,garlic,lemon,and ginger

tons of plain spring water throughout the day
I drink warm tea and Vegi broth freshly made in my kitchen to keep the body warm .
I no longer have the slight Body odor
I no longer have white tongue (it wasn't bad)
I no longer have dry skin on my hands

I do however have inner ache in my right side in the side right back area.....Hum

Sunday, October 24, 2010

6th Day of Juicefeast

Started my day with my water,lemon and 2 MSM caps
I had 2 Cups of Vegi balancing broth

Had the granddaughter today and went to Seattle to the Children's musuam with her.

What I had today: And lots of water on and off~Spring water
20 oz of carrot,orange,kale,spinach,broccoli,ginger
24 oz beet,apple,cucumber and ginger
2 C Roobios Tea
20 oz of Pineapple,cilantro,lime,celery

ended my night with Casara Sagrada to
help me poop:-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3 Juice feasting

As always start my day with water,lemon and 2 MSM caps. Today I did a SWF SALT WATER FLUSH because it was quicker then an enema.I needed it because being on my day 3 and all I got was 1 little poop in my am.NOT ok ,so sorry for some but as we all do it and with juicing it's a must to poop :-)
Green juice of ~kale,carrot,lemon,ginger,celery and cucumber
later David .R~Herb tea
Watermelon with mint juice
Beet drink~beet,broccoli,kale,lemon,ginger MY Favorite juice.
Water throughout the day

Had my 6 month dentist cleaning of my teeth today.Great day.No detox,now how cool is that?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1 ~Juice feasting

This was a fantastic day.I made David.R's tea and Penni's "Balancing Broth".But first I started my day with 32 oz of water ,lemon and MSM.I then had a green juice of celery ,cucumber,
1 carrot,ginger,lemon,spinach,kale,apple,red pepper,and broccoli. Yummo~1.5 mason jars full. Sipped throughout my morning to mid-day. Mason jars of the tea and the broth are in the refig for a few days to sip on when I feel the need.
After straining the liguid broth into mason jars from the balancing Broth,I added boxed organic vegi liquid and green split peas to make hubby his own soup.Then I took another skillet and added onion,bacon and tad olive oil.Finally for the love of my life I took vegis,and the juice and pured a portion in order to thicken his soup.The house smells good and I am feeling great today.And by the way the balancing broth is very tasty.The cayenne makes it,especially with the cooler weather that is coming.I ended my day with watermelon,mint,lime and ginger juice.I had about 10 ounces ,and I have a quart left to sip on tomorrow.