Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3 Juice feasting

As always start my day with water,lemon and 2 MSM caps. Today I did a SWF SALT WATER FLUSH because it was quicker then an enema.I needed it because being on my day 3 and all I got was 1 little poop in my am.NOT ok ,so sorry for some but as we all do it and with juicing it's a must to poop :-)
Green juice of ~kale,carrot,lemon,ginger,celery and cucumber
later David .R~Herb tea
Watermelon with mint juice
Beet drink~beet,broccoli,kale,lemon,ginger MY Favorite juice.
Water throughout the day

Had my 6 month dentist cleaning of my teeth today.Great day.No detox,now how cool is that?

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bitt said...

Just got a dental cleaning here too. Take care of those teeth if you drink lemon juice.

Keep at it!