Monday, August 10, 2009

Juicing is my favorite Raw Eating :-)

Now I don't know what it is about juicing, but I am loving my combinations that I come up with.I have been on my RAW PATH since Oct 2008 ,but exercise up and beyond my every day life has been missing.What is a shame is that I belong to my local YMCA and I have been waisting money.So when I made today's video and said its expensive to juice and sometimes I'm low on money.Well I feel like a fool considering I was wasting my YMCA dues by not going since probably January of this year.I have gone a few times ,but I was going approx 3-5 days a week faithfully prior to January. I joined the YMCA in May 2008.My goal is too not overdo my exercise.Back in 2002 I had a male trainer whom I loved( at another named gym(won't say ).I told him my lower left back hurt ,but he pushed me as most trainers do,and I hurt the lumbar spine area at that time.I couldn't walk but hunched over and very slow.I had to sit up in a chair with heat on my back and take Oxycontin to deal with the pain.This lasted 10 days.So back in 2002 I got scared my back would mess me up so I stopped exercising and the 40 lbs came back.This time I started changing my eating in Oct 2007 and have lost 27 lbs and still have 40 more lbs to lose.So lets get moving shall we.....

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