Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 1 of a 30 DAY JUICEFEAST~

OMG, yes I am dedicating 30 days to only juices.Any kind and all kinds of juice combining will be key .GREEN JUICING over fruit juicing is the plan.I don't want to end up with candida issues~I have to take advantage of all the wonderful fruits that are abundant here and now with the season.

Today I had Green Juice of: kale,spinach ,2 celery stalks,2 small beets,1 lime,1 granny smith apple,2 radish w leaves, 1 large fat cucumber.

later I had Penni's Stone Temple Purifier: 2 large apricots,3 peaches, 1 C fresh pitted cherries,1 lemon,1 tsp ginseng powder(optional)

I made enough of both to keep me happy and satisfied

end my day with some wheat grass~

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