Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow, Colonic .Not a big Deal

I had my first appointment at the "Tummy Temple"in Seattle for a Colonic and it was a terrific experience.I will be going to another appt. in 3 weeks .I will also be having 1 more Colonic for my series of 3 Colonic's,since I am new at having Colonic's and living with a High raw lifestyle .I was so surprised.It was not embarrassing at all.They(their workers) see butt holes everyday,so its no big deal.That is why I put this book up if you didn't know it was a book!So as far as "Raw Foods"goes. I am on a "High Raw"Lifestyle, its not a diet. I started raw in Oct 2008.I have said it before but I started slowllyyyyyy.I first incorporated green smoothies.These were my drinks made with kale and fruits.Sometimes I used Spinach and fruits too,but kale is my favorite green.I like dinosaur kale the best but its just hard to get.So until tomorrow we have our Juicing ,smoothies AND SOME KILLER LARGE Salads for dinner.Then I bought nice well known Raw books.All listed on my blog~well some are listed.My latest book is "RAW "by Julianno from California.I eat as simple as possible,but try and commit to a nice recipe from one of my many books that I own!
I want to share with everyone my favorite place to get things cheaper MOST ALWAYS over AMAZON where I know most folks shop .Check out! Terrific prices for this economy we are in at the moment.

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Aimee (bitt) said...

I like that book. glad you had a good experience.