Tuesday, April 14, 2009

100 Day RawFu Challenge starts Today

After seeing and hearing Matt & Angela Saturday and listening to there stories(Saturday April 11th,2008),I will do all 100% RAW.I made a pledge to myself and I also told Hubby the same.I have met more an more guys and gals in my state,so it becomes enjoyable to learn from others as its a learning journey.This is my 3rd Challenge with the BUNNY group and I stay HIGH RAW NEVER junk food ,but yesterday was Easter and I ate all RAW,salad,green beans,mango/blueberry fruit salad in the PM with banana/peach icecream...Not the PROTEIN I should of taken in BUT I was proud that I didn't eat any mac or potato salad .....Thats so big for me! But the more I eat RAW I want RAW.....I will make videos maybe once a week we will see......
Now today is the real Challenge can I stay RAW and Vegan if Raw is not available.I don't live near Seattle where they have 2 RAW restaurants to go to if food isn't made at home by myself or my husband .We have NO RAW eating places where I live.I truck to Seattle often though,almost weekly. If thats what I have to do to stay on my raw path then that is what I will do.

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Aimee (bitt) said...

at first i had to go to chaco once a week too! it takes a while to transition and if you feel ready, go for it!!!