Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow I like my Raw Journey~I think I have finally got it.

Chocolate Ginger Coconut Macaroons cookies
1 3/4 dried coconut,3/4 macadamia nut(chopped fine),3/4 +2 Tab Cacao powder,3/4 C maple syrup,1/4 C+ Tab coconut oil,1 Tab. ground ginger,1 1/4 Tea Vanilla extract, or 1 vanilla bean inside, and pinch of sea salt. Mix wet with dry ingredients,and dehydrate 1 day then turn over for 1 day more.Very simple ~I have a Ron Popel old round dehydrator and I never turned them over, however I started them on waxed paper then removed the paper after the 1 day.THESE ARE sweet so I would cut back on the Maple Syrup.NOW THIS is maybe NOT RAW but Vegan to some.

IMPORTANT: I was following Matthew Kenney's recipe so he is a raw food chef so whatever folks whom are not sure if Maple Syrup is raw versus being raw and natural,and it is your choice if agave is something you might try if you like.THEY were sweet but got many compliments on being devine at the potluck I took them too
I have been gone the past few days.Valentines day was a fun raw gathering at a gals place with at least 28 plus folks.The food was great as always and I took my Cacao Coconut Macaroons.These are a Matthew Kinney recipe that was a big hit especially for a Valentines treat.There was not as much chocolate made goods as I was thinking would be at the potluck.Never the less it was all good.
Due to a tad over eating RAW I felt as though I was going to start a,but I went and bought all my vegi and kale,and other yummy raw goods on Friday eve.SO I think I might start Master cleanse for only 10 days starting next Monday~we will see if thats a good day to begin.

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Aimee (Bitt) said...

these were very good! i don't use maple syrup as a staple as too much effects me poorly but i have some still left over from last spring so i am slowly using it up. i prefer agave though.