Monday, February 23, 2009

Never did the Master Cleanse YET

I was hoping to do the Master Cleanse last week ,but decided to hold it off.I am doing pretty good on my quest to becoming more raw.I am going to this:

Signed up For March 1st Class with Elana Love in Redmond,Wa

~$89.00 in advance.I think strongly that I will do the 10 day Master Cleanse for once.Only for 10 days though!Can't wait for this class and to eat the goodies too.I need to focus on 100% juicing or this Master Cleanse Idea I want to have a clean slate to start my High Raw Journey.I have been High Raw ,but sometimes do the Vegan eating.Now this is all good,but my metabolism has been so crappy for so long,its time to concentrate on 100 % RAW!!!!
People don't like the word 100% and I do like the word High Raw better!So starting March 2ND,1 day after Elana Loves Class I will do some sort of FAST!!!

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