Monday, November 30, 2009

Dave The Trucker and juicing

Dave is such a nice man,and he comes to the Seattle area on his trucking run .Dave is usually here Sundays for sure.I always get excited to keep on juicing when I see him approximately once a month at a Seattle Raw gathering of some sort.I think he will be something big in the future.It is incredible to know him and see the weight fall off of him .He has lost over 210 lbs in 20 months or so ,and a book in the works around May 2010.I am a fan of Dave's because juicing is where its at.Juicing can be a challenge for the first 4 days.I have my most trouble the first 3 days and then the body craves the juice.We all still have to drink our water though.water is still good.Some folks have an issue with tea because the water is warm.Well when you live in a colder climate like I do you will drink tea in between your juices.Trust that.

Am ~20 oz water with 1 tabls of fresh Lemon

Veg's juice~20 oz. Cherry tomato's,cauliflower,broccoli,carrots.
No spices,simply juice and drink.


Tea and water too


Debra said...

Dave the trucker's story is amazing!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

crosspecans said...

ive been missing ya in youtube. this is a nice website. i cant imagine going without fruit. yikes. yep, love dave too. i hope to meet him someday. loved our trip to calif. we didnt get as far as wash state. we did have an awesome dinner at cafe gratitude. love n light to ya. waves~~susan