Saturday, September 19, 2009

Made it 13 days just JUICING.

Well I had 1 salad on my juicefeast .I think it let me go off of my juice quest ,because I am still juice drinking,but RAW FOODS are also added in my days too.I ending my pure juicefeast Sept12th,because I started the last day of August 2009.I so want to make it 21-30 days just juicing.I will try again some other time.I am proud of my time I did my juicing~I feel great.I am exercising at least 5 days a week.I enjoy the treadmill,elliptical and the rowing machine.I am feeling great.My left foot is bugging me and I am not happy with that.I have been slowly jogging off and on for 2 minutes at a time in a 1 hour span.This is a good thing because I don't run.I really want my fat to go away.It took years to get on me it won't go away on its own.I am taking my time and it will go away.If I put a date on when my weight should be gone it sets me up for failure.I am just eating raw and enjoying the ride. JUICE JUICE JUICE.Its awesome.Green smoothies are my second favorite to juicing~

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Kristen's Raw said...

You're doing such a great job!