Monday, March 2, 2009

Master Cleanse Day 1 YES I plan on 10 days

I am loving being a part of the Raw Fu and Raw Food community in general.My plan was to do this Master Cleanse about 1 week ago.I was going to a potluck and also knew I was going to see the 2 chefs and get a fantastic meal out of the deal.And indeed we did.So as a result I waited until today March 2nd 2009 to start my 10 day CLEANSE~It was nice to know that Bunny Berry whom started Rawfu in South Carolina can get 4 girls together at a Raw function in Washington state and only 2 of the girls in my below photo knew each other.So I am blogging this journey as well as Vlog my journey too.I feel this will keep me in line and make all 10 days happen.Before going raw I did take a soy product for 13 days of the 14 I had intended,and I was doing that product called ALMASED and did that nasty tasting drink powder with my sister.Her and I both stopped at 13 days and I lost 1 lb per day.Let me make something perfectly clear~I am doing this for HEALTH reasons NOT to simply lose weight.I have not done a colonic nor intend to do one in this point in time,so I think this Master Cleanse is cheaper to do right now and I feel the time is right.My next raw Potluck is March 15th.This Cleanse will be over March 12th followed by 1 citrus orange juice day and perhaps a salad.....

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