Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saw Chefs Elaina Love and Chaya Ryvka

Both of these gals made yummy food one was desserts by Chef Chaya~ and a Mexican corn yummy item with Mexican rice by Chef Elaina all RAW and delicious.The Chef's are from California and traveled to Washington State to do a class.The 4 of us gals are from RAWFU a Raw food gathering on the computer we all know each other from.What a super duper day.Very knowledgeabe on the proper EASY way to open a coconut was something new I learned today.

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Penni said...

How fabulous that you got to go be in the marvelous company of such raw food chefs! I bet you had a great experience! Opening a young coconut successfully took some time for me to master. Glad you got a hands on education today!