Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dave theTruckdriver Video -Juicing - My personal healing story Video with Dave,Juicing,Healing

What an honor.We can see "Dave theTruckdriver" at our monthly potlucks in Washington State.What an inspiration. He's been juicing for over 2.5 months and has lost 203 lbs in his 1.5 years eating/juicing in the RAW.Aimee and I from raw food rehab got to talk with Dave once again and enjoyed every moment.Hugs to Dave~To all the Rawfoodies out there Enjoy.My story goes something like this:This is crazy .I had a larger mole and in Jan. 2009 that had lifted,drying up and a part was detached and crusty.Now I had it checked by a doctor.I am one impressed gal.I have had this mole for YEARS!!! Truly a miracle.Two years ago I was told this mole is nothing to worry about.Now I was a tad worried.Unless the body was curing itself! The mole looking thing on my breast was called Seborrhoeic keratoses.Gone, no signs that it ever was there.Cured by eating raw!So after 3 months at that time eating raw I added wheatgrass into my A.M about 3-5 days a week and after a few weeks that is when the Seborrhoeic keratoses left my body.Some of you have heard this story ,but its worth sharing.

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