Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back having fun....At That GYM!

Well,after a sick granddaughter with an almost 103 temp last week and her father(our son) and myself all had flu like symptoms last week and a half ago.It was not fun to say the least. Let me say I have been more sickly since taking on the granddaughter 4 days a week in a row. The other days shes at the other grandmas house and the environment is nasty.Sorry but true.

I did daycare for 18 years and stopped because I wanted more me time in 2001 and I have been with no illness in the year 2001 until now 2010.Well maybe a few colds I kid you not.

That being said I am SO glad to be back to the YMCA.I am also participating in the C25K and I down loaded week 1 podcast to jog/run/walk to.Its a great feeling to be back with arm and leg work for about 20 minutes,then I head upstairs and either do the treadmill or elliptical for 1 hour . However the c25k is only 1/2 hour this first week,so when the podcast ended I still did a walk slow jog from only 3.8-4.00 speed today. After 1 hour I then use another kind of cross trainer machine that burns on an average of 9-10 calories per minute.Today I worked out from 12:40 pm-2:15 pm and burned 520 calories.I am happy with that. But because I was missing about 2 weeks from the gym I am at a slower speed on the treadmill when I am jogging.

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Nikki said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! And hooray for getting back to the gym. I just started again this weekend too and it feels really good :)