Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day Of Spring


We had a great sunny day up until around 7 pm ,a wind came in and drizzle rain came.
Spring has sprung for us here in the Pacific Northwest.I started my day with an interesting juice.Check out my results.I will be making this drink again.

Cantalope,mint,gogi berries.
Really tasty!
Took 1 whole cantalope,12 mint leaves,and put these into the vitamix.

I also took about 1/3 C gogi berries and 1/4 C water to soak berries then whirled them in my Magic Bullet(mini Blender).I then proceeded to put everything in the vitamix and put this juice into the Nutmilk bag.


amy said...

I may have an addiction to goji berries. When they plump up they are just so cute and juicy!! and yayy for spring :D (love your blog btw)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Dianne! I'm glad you enjoy this life style. Raw food is the only way you can slow down aging and reclaim your optimal health. Keep it up!

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