Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amanda and RawDawgRory ~My Master Cleanse Day 3

Last night early eve on May 18th I went to Tacoma, find Amanda on her walking journey across the USA from Washington State to Pa.Unfortunately her Tuesday was over and we met her ,Rory ,and her daughter and dog in a Walmart parking lot.

I am on my Master Cleanse but I made some corn chips/crackers and some Raw Hummus made with freshly sprouted garbanzo beans.It was my first time sprouting garbanzo beans....What I did was deliver 1/2 of my makings to Amanda and Rory.I recommend anyone whom can ,please donate to her cause.Walking her way home and it may take 7-8 months Amanda's trek.Good Luck Amanda........!

As for my Day 3 Master Cleanse I am doing great,no headache,hunger,nothing.I am determined we can Syke the mind.I have been waiting for this day when my son after 1 year moved out in order to have privacy with doing the Master cleanse /well its the flush that I needed to be private.He was home during the days because he worked night.And since you spend time in the bathroom.Well you get the picture ,its called private time.Miss the company ,but happy to have our home back to ourselves.

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bitt of raw said...

your goodies for amanda and rory looked great. so sweet of you.