Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Master Cleanse Day 2

Well Well,here I go again procrastinating the fact that I really need to buckle down and stay raw as I so need and truly love.Now that our son moved out into his own Bought Home last Monday not yesterday,I am free.Free to eat and not make things I don't agree with.My own husband is happy too that we both ca eat and do what we want with no others here to please.That may sound selfish but why do we parents giveand give and our kids take us for granted.I am saddened yet happy all at the same time.Ask my friends,I have been waitng for this past Monday to do another 10-13 day Master Cleanse.I am so geared for it.And I must say I hate the SW Flush,but last time (last year early 2009)1/2 way through I realized I was doing 2 Tablespoons not 2 Teaspoons of the Sea salt .YIKES I know!

Today I might go see Amanda whom is (RawDawgRory's Wife) and walk a little on her walking trek~.She will be in the Tacoma area about 30 minutes from where I live,but want to see her doing her thing~

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