Thursday, August 12, 2010

This photo of veg's is so pretty I would think it was fake,but in reality I did something unthinkable.You know I love juicing and I am in the juicing spirit.I headed to Seattle to PCC and Whole foods and bought 3 days of Organic juicing supplies.Then I came home soaked all my veg's.ALL VEG'S by the way NO FRUITS .I went to my Zumba class while the husband mowed the lawn.By now its 8:30 pm .BUT when I went to exercise my hubby before mowing set up my table outside with my jars,juicer knife strainer, plastic bags(line my juicer),garbage can and all thing needed to juice.I wanted to do this outside because of the amount ,and the mess I knew I was going to encounter.Oh Did I say it took me and hubby 2 hours to juice ,Strain and clean up the supplies!Yes 10:45 pm I was in my house again.

Now as you read this and see the photos you are probably saying ,um juicing 3 days in advance is not good for the nutrition in those jars Dianne.And you know what I have to say~If Dave The Trucker did this and he is alive and losing weight and feeling good ,then I can do this too.It is August 12th and I am starting my juicing with these green juices .Actually I think it will be more like 4 days worth of juice........I will let you know~


bitt said...

wow that is TONS of juice! enjoy it.

Nicole said...

I accidently erased my reponse. I saw your youtube channel and I thought I'd check out your blog. Yeah, I saw the video where DAve the Trucker juices for 3 days. If he can do it, then why not you. Great blog Diane Peace